Pills, vitamins, products to improve potency - tips for choosing

Most likely, you came here in search of sexual enhancers - to pick up one or more of them and use them from time to time. You will find exactly such a list below in a clear and convenient form, without advertising promises and empty phrases that are incomprehensible to people without a doctorate.

The article describes not only pills, but also gentle methods of prevention and treatment. Below you will find information on special intimate muscle training and instructions for prostate massage. The effect of such "physical education" is often more noticeable than that of pills. But the main advantage is different - the erection will be strong not only during the hours of the drug, but in general always. In general, we have full and honest information "without cuts" collected, dispose of them in the best way.

Before taking any pills, undergoing any treatment, or having a massage, be sure to consult your doctor. The funds described have contraindications.

A little theory first to get you up to speed. After spending a few minutes on it, you can make an educated choice and buy exactly what you think is the best option.

What is potency and why is it weakened?

Potency, very briefly and simply put, is a man's ability to have sex. A specific set of characteristics or circumstances in which everything necessary to begin and end sexual intercourse is present.

A condition where something is missing is commonly referred to as impotence, but the correct and more neutral definition is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is present when:

  • no erection at all;
  • there is an erection, but weak;
  • There is an erection, but during intercourse it disappears, leaving no chance for a charming ending.

What types of medicines are there, their subdivisions

The market is full of drugs for every taste and budget. Most don't know how they differ from each other except for the name and packaging design.

Impotence pills are divided into natural and artificial. The former are mostly dietary supplements that have failed clinical trials. Many consumers are not even aware that they are drinking pills that have not proven their effectiveness for potency. Male supplements are not necessarily bad or of poor quality. Many really work. However, entry is at your own risk and peril.

Depending on the type of application are:

  • oral potency pills - most convenient for men;
  • Ointments and creams for local application - they are offered to be applied directly to the penis;
  • Injectable drugs are administered by injection, and even in the penis, pleasure is not for the faint of heart.

A further differentiation is made according to formulas. There are original drugs and generics - their inexpensive copies. Generic drugs tend to be manufactured in countries with cheap labor and little developed science, like India or China. The low price is justified - the drug from New Delhi does not need advertising and brand promotion, because it enjoys the fame of the original product.

The most complex and important is the classification according to the mechanism of action. It determines exactly which processes the potency pill triggers in your body:

  • Phosphodiesterase inhibitors are the most common type on the market. Let's decipher the title. Inhibit = slow down. The unreadable substance "phosphodiesterase" is an enzyme that commands the capillaries to contract. When the blood vessels in the penis narrow, blood can no longer flow in and it becomes hard. These drugs block the enzyme that stops erections;
  • NO synthase activators – act directly on blood vessels, relaxing them and allowing blood to flow into them;
  • Blockers - are prescribed exclusively by a doctor and have a thousand contraindications. The mechanism of action is similar to the first type - they turn off the receptors that respond to the release of adrenaline. More often taken in diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. Accordingly, if everything is in order, there may be failures in reception;
  • hormonal preparations - contain testosterone, they are taken in a course and only after passing the exam;
  • Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors - don't let the body remove the happy and calming hormone, which makes you feel safe and good. They relieve stress that could interfere with sex. No, you will not sit and smile like a fool, the effect is moderate and appropriate;
  • Homeopathic remedies for potency.

Why there are problems in bed with the stronger sex

There are many reasons, they are divided into two conditional groups - organic and psychogenic. Bio - from the word "organs" or "organism" and not "organic". This refers to problems with certain systems in the body. From a psychological point of view, problems arise because of prolonged stress or a one-time great experience. Other triggers: inner contradiction, tiredness, misunderstandings or banal dislike.

male potency problems

Most often, several reasons are combined in one person. Everyone thinks life isn't easy, but not everyone has sex problems because of it. Everything usually goes well until a critical mass is reached. Then a small factor acts as a crucial weight on the scale. This weight eventually tips the bowl to the "right" side.

Do you remember how long this topic has bothered you? If everything was always ok and then it suddenly became "not ok", then this is definitely your example.

And if you were always dissatisfied with your sex life, if you read materials on this topic five years ago, then the problem has already taken root. Perhaps she was provoked by a certain fact - an insult, a laugh, a grudge against a girl or an illness.

Examples of physiological causes:

  • malnutrition
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • disorders in the work of the heart or blood vessels;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • recent illness;
  • overweight;
  • Bad habits;
  • age changes.

A man is strong when viewed as a whole. But if you break personality down into psychology and physiology, it turns out that the individual parts are very vulnerable, so you have to deal with them.

TOP best drugs for male power

Nowadays anyone can walk into the nearest pharmacy and buy a pack of magical fast-acting pills. It is relatively cheap, no doctor's prescription is required, you can choose from information on the Internet - it is usually available. Literally an hour from idea to erection, no more.

Your task is to choose the right tool. Well, and make money from it. At work you will have to act yourself, but the verification of funds is already ready. It helps to determine which sexual enhancer is most suitable for you.

Active substance - sildenafil

The active substance is sildenafil. In terms of type, it belongs to the phosphodiesterase inhibitors, ie it blocks vasoconstriction. It starts to work 40-60 minutes after ingestion, the effect lasts about 4 hours.

Contraindications: should not be taken simultaneously with other means of the same effect (by the way, this applies to all these drugs). Not related to food and alcohol in general. It must be taken on an empty stomach. Other contraindications are heart failure, unstable angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke or life-threatening arrhythmias in the last 6 months.

Do not combine with drugs of the nitrate group, such as nitroglycerin - this can be fatal.

Drug to improve potency

Side effects - headache and hot flashes in 10% of cases, dizziness and mild visual disturbances - in 3%, nasal congestion and palpitations - in 2% and 1% of intake, respectively.

Active ingredient - tadalafil

A younger drug for erection and perhaps more effective and convenient. The type is the same as the previous one, but the active substance is different - tadalafil. The effects kick in in 15-25 minutes and last up to 36 hours. It has less impact on the cardiovascular system and is generally better tolerated by the body.

Improving potency after taking pills

Side effects occur in less than 1% of cases. The most common of these are palpitations, tachycardia, lowering blood pressure, dizziness, migraines, fainting, stroke, color vision disorders, abdominal or chest pain. The only common side effect in 10% of those taking it was a headache.

Active ingredient: vardenafil

The active substance is vardenafil, the effect occurs after 20-30 minutes and lasts 4 hours. Combined with food and alcohol, therefore more suitable for a romantic evening. Keep in mind that if you eat a heavy meal before or immediately after taking the pill, the effects will kick in a little later.

Contraindications - the simultaneous use of nitrites or other means of increasing erection. Common side effects were noted in 10% of those who took it - headache, flushing of the face. Less often - dizziness, nausea, nasal congestion.

Pharmacological alpha blocker

It forces the body to ignore signals from adrenaline receptors, it is they who, when irritated, "turn on" vasospasm, pressure surges and so on. Adrenoblockers should be prescribed only by a doctor. This is evidenced by a long list of side effectsThis is not just a remedy for erectile dysfunction - the range of uses is huge - from bedsores to heart disease.

Sildenafil and Dapoxetine

The combined drug consists of sildenafil and dapoxetine, they complement each other. The first strengthens the erection, and the second makes it more stable and prolongs sexual intercourse. It should be taken 30-40 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse, no more than one tablet per day to increase potency. Incompatible with alcohol.

Products to improve the reproductive system

Natural aphrodisiacs are not a myth. Some products contain trace elements that increase libido. And they are also different: some are rich in the necessary vitamins, so they need constant inclusion in the diet, while others have an immediate, but temporary effect, dramatically increasing its concentration in the blood.

Top 5 products that instantly increase potency in men:

  1. oysters
  2. Sea fish - flounder and mackerel, in any form except fried
  3. Camel stomach - rennet
  4. watermelon
  5. beet seed

Fast-acting erectile dysfunction drugs for men are good, but there is one "but": they are removed from the body without leaving any residue. To get the effect, which increases over time, you need to choose a diet and supplement regimen. Here is a short listof vitamins and minerals that are important for the daily growth of male strength:

  • vitamin A or beta-carotene, the norm is 5000 IU per day;
  • B vitamins – strengthen the nervous system, make you resistant to stress, provide vivid orgasms, relieve fatigue and so on. The group includes 5 vitamins, each has its own norm;
  • Vitamin E - a regulator of hormonal balance, the norm is 13-15 mg;
  • Vitamin C builds a libido, and vitamin E is better absorbed when served in pairs. Norm - 90 mg;
  • Selenium is involved in the synthesis of testosterone, is responsible for the health of the urogenital system - up to 100 mcg;
  • Zinc - regulates the work and health of the prostate - 15 mg.


These are perhaps the most important products that increase potency. In this sense, only the lazy did not talk about it and did not joke. Scientists say that every man would like to eat 75 grams of nuts a day. Allegedly, this is not only an increase in potency, but also a direct way to treat male infertility - sperm become more mobile, high-quality and probably more self-confident. 75 grams of a walnut will not spoil the appearance - scientists chose this amount because it does not affect the weight.

Nuts to improve potency

Find among the products to increase potency in men - Brazil nuts, eat 2-3 pieces a day. By the way, they are conditionally called nuts - according to biological characteristics, they belong to fruits. They contain selenium, which increases testosterone, and arginine, which causes blood to rush to the genitals, hence the nickname naturopathic.

Cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, pecan nuts, hazelnuts - almost all nuts are beneficial for male potency. Don't neglect this simple, harmless and effective way.

Folk remedies for increasing potency for men

The Internet is full of "grandmothers' recipes" that seem to correct their grandfathers. Decoctions, tinctures, mustard plasters, soda - everything is used for potency. Below are selected the most pleasant and delicious recipes.

Honey is one of the most popular remedies. And not only him - all bee products have a positive effect on potency. A popular recipe for a potency folk remedy recommends using honey with aloe juice and parsley seeds, but this combination even sounds strange, doesn't it?

There is another version of a delicious and healthy every day sexual enhancer. You need to pour honey on the assortment of nuts from the previous paragraph and add aloe - if you like this taste. The proportions for nuts, honey and aloe juice are 5: 3: 1.

Before finally removing the flower from the window sill and pouring the juice over the nut mixture, taste a drop of aloe juice, if you like. If you like it - act, if not - just take a teaspoon daily with water.

The following folk remedy for increasing potency in men combines the useful with the pleasant. For healing mulled wine, take 100 grams of dried apricots, prunes and raisins, as well as spices to taste: cinnamon, cardamom, cloves. Pour a bottle of red wine, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and cook over low heat for an hour. Mulled wine has to be drunk in the evening - well, when else? As a supplement to dinner, it will be very useful.

The list of products that increase potency in men includes ginseng. On the basis of its root, preparations for potency are made - black ant and others. Adding ginseng to your diet is easy - by drinking tea with it, for example. And you can cook a decoction - the procedure is simple, but it will take some time.

Pour 200 g of ginseng root with a liter of water and leave at room temperature for two days. Then pour into a saucepan and cook for 3-4 hours, gradually adding honey (total - 2-3 tablespoons) and cinnamon to taste. While the ginseng root is simmering on the stove, set reminders on your phone to check in from time to time and remember to turn it off. You need to drink a decoction of 50-100 ml per day.

Ginger for potency

From the Chinese language, the word "ginger" is translated as "brave". This is probably due to the physical similarity - some roots really do resemble the same organ. Or maybe ginger got its name because it tends to affect potency?

Ginger to improve potency

The composition includes trace elements and vitamins for men to improve potency: A and C, aluminum, iron, magnesium, choline, calcium, zinc, chromium, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, amino acids methionine, threonine and tryptophan. Ginger also contains oils that make the plant an aphrodisiac. After eating a piece in your body, fluid circulation improves, testosterone increases in the blood. The root has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is not for nothing that it is recommended for colds. And that is why it is effective in the treatment of prostatitis.

To add ginger to the diet for potency, you don't need to turn the kitchen into an alchemist's laboratory - prepare decoctions, infusions and potions. Just buy it in dried form - at a supermarket or spice store, and add it to your dishes. Ginger is combined with meat, fish, vegetables.

Some tasty ginger tea ideas:

  1. Cut the root into cubes, throw in the smallest saucepan (one and a half liters), pour water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low, leave on for 10 minutes. Add a stick or pinch of cinnamon powder, remove from heat, add black or green tea leaves, steep for 2 minutes. Strain what happened, throw away everything except the liquid - pour it into a cup and drink with pleasure.
  2. In the same pan, add 1 teaspoon of finely chopped root, 3 cloves, 2 teaspoons of green tea. Pour boiling water over it, cover with a lid, wrap in a towel - so that the heat no longer goes away. Leave for 20 minutes, strain. Drink with prostatitis, colds and just like that.
  3. Natural Refreshing Energy Drink: Finely chop a ginger root, put cold water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, boil for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and add a spoonful of ginseng powder or 15 drops of ginseng tincture from the pharmacy. Powder is better because it doesn't smell like alcohol. Cover the pot, cool. When it reaches room temperature (or near room temperature), refrigerate overnight or overnight. Drinking half a glass every time you need to cheer yourself up is an ideal substitute for coffee.

opinions of men

Men who have taken folk remedies to increase potency or received drug treatment react differently to the result. Erection pills look completely different after the first dose than before - claim and reality do not always match.

It looks like you're on the verge of becoming a mega lover and a sex machine in one bottle, but in the end you don't know what to do with a four-hour erection when she's already tired to say the least. And not only you, but also your partner - contrary to all clichés, not all women are happy about a bed marathon forever. At such moments, potency pills would make much more sense than for them.

It's not easy to find real reviews from those who took certain pills - after half an hour of looking at even honest positive reviews, you start to see a catch. Blame a large number of "custom" reviews.

If you want to buy a sexual enhancer, read the information. The best male sexual enhancer won't necessarily only have a "five". Try to find websites where the selected pills have a rating of less than 4. 8 - even the highest quality product may not be suitable for everyone. Any pills have tosimply have those who were dissatisfied and described the situation in detail, if there are none, seriously think about it - is everything clean here?

Masculinity Enhancement Exercises (LMB Training)

Bonus - special exercises-stimulators of potency for men. They are aimed at working with the pubic muscle and will be useful for absolutely everyone. Even if you are confident that you are in good health, exercise will prevent future problems. It would be naïve to hope for eternal youth and health without any payment. It sounds good to devote half an hour a day to men's health and to stay on the ball even after 5-10-20 years without side effects and complications.

First you need to find the pubococcygeus (LMB) muscle and learn how to control it. The easiest way to do this is to stop the stream during urination. In response to the brain's command, that very muscle will contract. For starters, simply pause a few times during each urination to master this technique and control the body.

Some can master the next level almost on day one of practice when controlling the LMB is easy. Tighten and relax the muscle anytime, anywhere - without urinating.

LMB Training Exercise: Slowly and steadily engage the muscle for a count of 5. Count for one second for each count. The idea is to master the flowing movement, so there's no point in doing the exercise too quickly. Gradually increase the time to 10 seconds by reducing the speed.

Complicated exercise "steps": slightly tighten the muscle, fix the position and stop, for example, for the same 5 counts for a few seconds. Then increase the voltage again and stop. Repeat 5-6 times, or more if you can. Reminiscent of stair climbing, where each stop is a step to linger on. The main condition is to move only up and never weaken the muscle.

When you reach the top "step" and feel like there's nowhere to go, go down.

Try the prostate massage for yourself. Special devices make the process painless, so excuses don't work. Massage is much more pleasant than prostatitis, impotence, adenoma and their subsequent treatment.

Important: Prostate massage is a disease prevention, a way to increase libido and recover in the initial stages. Stay away from neglected inflammation, as the saying goes. Serious problems should be solved by a doctor.

The prostate is located on the front wall of the rectum. To find them, you need to insert a massager or a finger into the anus about 5-8 centimeters. The massage itself is a gentle gliding motion towards the navel manually or with a massager. It needs to be done with plenty of water-based lube.

A massager can be purchased online, at a medical supply store, or at a sex shop. It is fundamentally different from a dildo and certainly has nothing to do with a penis.

Character traits:

  • C shape;
  • small thickness;
  • a stopper that helps to fix the device in the correct position.

Next, we offer self-massage techniques for you to try tonight. But if you're not ready to massage yourself, enlist the help of a friend to help make this process an enjoyable lovemaking experience for both of you.

circular motion technique

The first option is to use a device with a rotating function, it is important that the massager is anatomically shaped. The rotation is a circular motion aimed at the entire area of the prostate. This is the most convenient method, since the effect acts only on the gland, everything else is left alone. The main advantage of this device is that it has a remote control that frees you from being in an awkward position. You simply place the massager on top of the anal lube and it does everything for you.

Technique "Come Here"

You can stop at a simpler device and buy a static model with vibration. The advantages are the same: comfortable shape and intense stimulation. But in this case the device as a whole will move, or rather vibrate. This gives a very pleasurable feeling as it affects the entire area of the rectum and anus which as you know has more than 72, 000 nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, high-quality lubricant - in no case vaseline, or even more so a greasy cream. Next, take a comfortable position, you may need to be flexible. It is best to do this technique lying on your back. The posture should be as comfortable as possible. You slowly insert the device in a circular motion, then perform the "come here" technique, that is, move the massager toward you as if waving your finger and calling someone, at that moment, to youto come have to bend knees.

Used poses

Prostate Massage Positions

During the massage you can stand, bend, lean on your elbows and knees or lie on your right side - all these positions provide good access to the desired organ. It's best to try each pose and then decide which one suits you best. The most popular positions, also used in medical facilities, are lying on your side with your legs drawn up and on all fours.

Modern medicine focuses on prevention, and with good reason. In fact, it's easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable to prevent diseases before they develop. For example, if you drink "male" vitamins, not only erectile function improves. The prostate, stomach, intestines and other organs do not know what is written on the packaging - any dietary supplements affect other parts of the body in one way or anotherstrengthen the particular, improve the state of the whole.

Another example is performing exercises to train the LMB. This will improve the sexual life sphere and strengthen the entire urogenital system. Sexual activity will continue into old age, and after its onset, incontinence will no longer torment. You do not spoil the body with drugs and numerous side effects and save yourself trips to the pharmacy. The most difficult thing remains - to consciously choose and follow an adult.