Healthy products for men, a list of the best

Vegetable salad for male potency

Men usually like foods that are not healthy. Fried potatoes and bacon, beer and french fries - this is a short list of the favorite dishes of many of the stronger sex. Given such a diet, stress and other features of work, it is not surprising that many problems arise with age.

The best products for male potency


According to experts, this product is able to increase potency incredibly. And, besides nuts, it can have a completely miraculous effect. You need to eat this sweet dish 1 tablespoon every day before going to bed. If your man doesn't like nuts, there is no need to force him. Just replace them with sunflower seeds.


Without meat, nowhere. A man who is strong in every way must eat meat every day. I don't know vegetarians, maybe they have their own secrets. But all doctors unanimously assure that meat increases sexual strength.

A fish

Mackerel is the healthiest fish for men. Plus, it's much healthier to eat cooked than fried.


An unpopular vegetable these days. We have just forgotten their miraculous powers, including their influence on male sexuality.


Now one can often find evidence of the amazing effects oysters have on the male body. The whole point, however, is that oysters contain zinc, the role of which is more than important in the human body - it prevents prostate cancer and heals wounds and also strengthens the immune system.


A huge amount of vitamins, folic acid, minerals and biological substances allow greens to take sixth place in our ranking.


Bananas contain potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. They have a positive effect on the nervous and immune systems and reduce the risk of stroke.

full grain

these are mainly fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grain products lower cholesterol and normalize heart function. And for men in today's conditions, this is extremely important.

cottage cheese

is a useful product for the stronger sex, whose work is associated with physical activity. With the help of quark protein, muscle mass is built up.


satisfying and incredibly nutritious. The advantage of cabbage for men is that it strengthens the immune system and allows it to satiate without additional calories. Especially useful for the stronger sex, who are prone to obesity.


It turns out that this exquisite fruit is capable of preventing prostate disease. Favorably influences the inflammatory processes in the genital area and normalizes the functioning of the nervous system and blood circulation.


This is a list of healthy and tasty foods. Men don't have to rub their noses and force themselves to eat the dish. At the same time, however, a strong effect can be observed over several weeks.