All of a man's effective erogenous zones

G-spot stimulation before proximity

Men are sometimes just inexplicable beings. During intimacy, they rarely explain their desires directly, as they are sure that a woman should know everything for herself by guessing the expression of her eyes, gestures or facial expressions. Therefore, the only way out is to really learn to read minds after arming yourself with the knowledge of where the person's erogenous zones actually are and how to properly manipulate them.

So from top to bottom

The beginning of every intimacy is kissing, a multitude of nerve endings are concentrated on the tongue and lips. You can be gentle, passionate, overwhelming, or slow - it all depends on your temperament. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to just your lips. Caressing the auricles and earlobes can be wonderful foreplay, especially when combined with a stimulating, gentle whisper and light nibble. Incidentally, the duration of sexual intercourse also depends on the stimulation of erogenous zones.

As you go down, it is worth paying attention to the neck. It is not as sensitive as a woman's, but a light stroke of the back can easily adjust to the mood. Strangely enough, breast stroking too. Male nipples have far fewer receptors than female nipples, but they can also respond to touch and become hard when a woman gently touches them with her fingertips or tongue.

Don't forget your back. Here is the so-called cat zone - a hollow between the shoulder blades, the caressing of which (or even better - touching a woman's chest) will surely have the expected result. It pays to stay on your stomach. Eastern women, for example, are certain that a man can be handcuffed with just one "stomach massage" - circular motions that increase in radius in a spiral.

Surprisingly, the man's sensitive erogenous zones are on his legs and arms. Like the representatives of the strongest half of humanity, they are brave in appearance, but vulnerable and delicate in soul, so are their hands - they can be quite rough on the outside, but the inside is delicate, as is the skin between the fingers.

Main area

And yet the caresses of no single erogenous zone are able to give a man such clear, lively and open pleasure as stimulating the intimate organs and their surroundings. If the impact on the ears, stomach, arms, neck and back can only be viewed as preparation for enjoyment, then the perineum, scrotum and penis are "heavy artillery".

The most sensitive areas of the penis are the frenulum and glans (a thin strip of skin just below the glans). Stroking your penis with a gentle emphasis on these areas and moving the foreskin up and down is a surefire way to achieve arousal. Someone likes a woman clutching the penis with her whole palm, others prefer a light "ring" of fingers, others love subtle touch.

The peak of the pleasure is, of course, oral sex. This can be licking, biting (very carefully), light sucking (it is important not to overdo it), tickling with the tongue or lips - the main thing is not to forget to pay attention to the head. Nearby is the second most sensitive erogenous zone in men - the scrotum, where the number of nerve endings per square centimeter is even higher than on the penis itself.

After all, the anus and perineum are also a place of concentration of receptors, the effect of which is not long in coming. In men, there is also the semblance of a certain secret female "G-spot" - a place whose stimulation can induce an orgasm even when no intercourse as such takes place. This is the prostate that is not easy to get to. In addition, many men are in no hurry to consent to such caresses, as they are very afraid of being gay.

However, the most demanding mistresses know that another special erogenous zone of a man is his hearing. A constant reminder that he is the most experienced, sensual, best and skillful will allow your loved one to feel all the joys that you bring him.