How can you increase potency in 10 days?

erectile dysfunction- a nightmare of millions of men. Firm erections, stamina in bed, and increased libido are some of the hallmarks of manhood. That is why representatives of the strong half of humanity are so afraid of making a mistake in bed.

Potency problems in men

Women suffer less because they have itdecreased sex driveor the need for intimacy. Even if the previous passion is suddenly lost with age, this does not affect the quality and quantity of sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately,Changes in the male body can be felt immediatelyand are not easy to fix. Due to potency problems in men, a sluggish reaction occurs, sexual desire disappears, the duration of lovemaking is shortened, vivid emotions disappear during orgasm, and premature ejaculation is common.

Causes of potency reduction and erectile dysfunction:

Reasons for decreased potency
  • Obesityor obesity;
  • common experiences, Nerves and stress;
  • passive lifestyleand low mobility;
  • wrong diet;
  • abusealcohol(Alcoholism);
  • To smoke cigarettes;
  • lack of sleepand regular insomnia;
  • middle and old age(According to statistics, men after the age of 40 often suffer from erectile dysfunction. This is becausewith reducedthe production of the male hormone -testosterone);
  • Diabetes to varying degrees;
  • in vertebral fracturesand disc injuries, decreased potency is often observed;
  • high blood pressure disrupts blood flow, which also leads to erectile problems;
  • unfavorable ecology. . .
Causes of low potency in men

ifyou sufferOf the diseases listed in the list, you tend to be overweight or your lifestyle is anything but healthy, then it is necessarypay more attention to men's health. . .

First, this prolongs the feeling of youth, increases one's self-esteem and has a positive effect on the work of the prostate. Erectile dysfunction is one of the reasons behind the development of adenomas and other diseases that require surgery.

And secondly, with the help of simple secrets, you can quickly return potency and surprise your partner in bed.

The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

the truth about erectile dysfunction

How can you improve an erection without surgery?

This article describesthe most effective ways, which helps to get an erection back and forget about mistakes during sex. Each of them is aimed atImprovement of various aspectsthe work of the male body.

So farpower- this is a broad concept, then it doesn't just include a strong erection. Potency also includes the power of sexual desire, the power of orgasm and "delaying" the moment of ejaculation, the duration of intercourse, endurance and recovery after intercourse.

A number of tips to keep things simpledivided into 10 days. If you follow the recommendations step by step, you can get amazing results.

Day 1. New habits: coffee and eggs for breakfast

The basis of Japanese practicekaizenthought thatregular repetitionthe same actionhelp you achieve excellence. . .

Ourthe brain doesn't like to workwant to complete some complex tasks and save as much energy as possible. Therefore, when faced with a new and in his opinion overwhelming task, he begins to deny and postpone the action indefinitely.

Because of this, strict diets, Monday new life, and other stressful goals don't work for a person. To youyou have to fool your brain. . . Then it will be easier to take new actions, especially if they seem ultra-light.

proper nutrition for potency

For the beginningrethink your own breakfastand add itonly 2 products - coffee and eggs.Instead of grabbing a sandwich on the run, take 2 minutes to scramble eggs and brew a cup of aromatic coffee. Such a simple breakfast is very useful for the male body and potency in general.

  • coffeeIs a natural stimulant of the central nervous system. It invigorates your brain, stimulates vitality, prepares you for a productive day, and lifts your mood. Another plus of this product is: Caffeine increases blood flow and dilates the blood vessels. Good blood circulation is one of the factors contributing to a firm erection. In fact, at the moment of arousal, the blood flows into the groin, filling the erectile tissue and leaving the penis standing until the moment of ejaculation. This is why coffee drinkers suffer from erectile dysfunction less often and do not complain about problems in bed. The daily consumption of coffee accelerates the blood through your veins so that the red blood cells can calmly pass through the dilated vessels.
  • Eggs- a rich source of vitamin B. This group of vitamins is responsible for normalizing hormones in the male body and significantly reducing the level of stress. In addition, vitamin B.1Contributes to the normal transmission of signals from the body to the brain, which stimulates increased arousal and indirectly affects the functioning of the penis.

The only caveat is that it is better to usenaturally ground coffeerather soluble. Coffee beans have a more pronounced aroma and taste.

A team of scientists and students from the Health Science Center attheuniversityfromTexasatHoustonA large-scale study was carried out in 2015. The researchers were able to determine thatwith regular coffee consumptiona man's foodless prone to potency problems. . . EnoughDrink 2-3 cups of a flavored drinka day to forget about a sluggish erection. In a similar survey of those who avoid caffeine, erectile dysfunction rates were higher.

Expandpositive influencewhen eating eggs, it can be added to the daily dietPeanuts and pork. . . These two products also contain a full complex of B vitamins that are so important for excellent potency.

Day 2. Increase activity and go on a diet

The next dayfor an "English" breakfast with eggs and coffeeadd half an hour of walking. . . A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood and lymph in the groin area, which affects the hardness of an erection with age.

At the same time, all cardio loads helptrigger increased blood flow, forces the cardiovascular system to work actively and contributes to the correct production of testosterone. It is the regular aerobic exercise of the body that is one of the factors contributing to normal hormone levels and which triggers the natural synthesis of male sex hormones.

Previouslystart small - witha leisurely stroll for 30-40 minutesthen the time can be extendedup to 60 minutes. . . If you are physically fit, you can replace walking with cycling, jogging or circuit training.

Walking increases potency

Additionallysuch activity will help get rid of itfrom excess fat mass. . . Even if you are not overweight and in a normal weight class, it will not be redundant.

A large amount of subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdominal area, stimulates the production offemale hormone estradiol. . . It suppresses testosterone, which over time forces a decrease in libido, a flaccid penis and a man to go through all the circles of hell caused by erectile dysfunction.

Day 3. Review of diet

When for the right breakfastincreased heart activity, you can take more serious action. Let's go over everything we eat andremove the "garbage"from the day pass. Improper nutrition is another cause of potency problems. This is why you need to toss some foods out of the refrigerator and add a few of the ones that are good for you"Little General"yummy.

Products that promote potency:

  • Bananas- increasing the level of potassium in the body, which helps to increase libido and normalize blood circulation;
  • Pepper, onion and garlic- also increase blood flow and thus stimulate an erection;
  • Salmon, tuna, olive oil and avocado- contain useful fatty acids that strengthen the body and improve blood circulation;
  • Parsley, celery, mushrooms and beans- contain a lot of phosphorus and have a positive effect on potency;
  • Ginger root, turnip, oatmeal, beef liver- the chemical composition of the listed products contains a lot of zinc, which normalizes the work of the male body;
  • Spinach, sunflower oil, lamb- rich in vitamin E, which improves the tone and permeability of blood vessels.
Potency enhancement products

Products that reduce potency:

  • beer- contains phytoestrogens that are harmful to men's health;
  • alcohol- Drinking alcohol in increased amount stimulates the level of stress in the body;
  • transgenic fats- cause hormonal disorders and gene mutations;
  • bakery- contain yeast and sugar, which lower the level of testosterone in the blood;
  • hot dog- contains liquid smoke, which is toxic to the testicles;
  • soy- also contains phytoestroogens.
Alcohol reduces potency

Day 4. Stimulation of the penis and prostate

Another way to increase potency-Self-massage of the penis and testicles. . . Progressive and circular movements in the genital areaimprove blood circulationand will also make your erection stronger.

In addition, the massage begins in the scrotumactive sperm productionand prevents possible sperm stagnation, which often leads to the development of prostate disease. For example, congestive prostatitis and adenoma.

  1. Squeeze the penis with two fingersevery hand at the base. Note that your thumb should be on top and your index finger on the bottom. Squeeze the resulting ring with maximum force, then hold your breath. Now in undulating movementsspread the blood on the headGenital organ. Best of all right nowcount to 9-10. . . However, if there is not enough air in the lungs, the number can be reduced.
  2. An hour after eatingtake a warm showeror put a warm towel on your scrotum (you can use a heating pad). This will warm up the testicles and increase blood flow to the area. Then rub your palms so that they are also warm and the skin on the testicles does not shrink. Now with one handpick up the penisand grab the other by the testicles. Alternately press and stroke the testicles, press them lightly, rub in circular movements. Remember to gradually increase your pressure to increase blood flow to that area. Self-massage of the penis and testicles improves blood circulation and increases potency in a man.AdditionallyYou can brush and lightly press the area of the prostate. It was also useful to run your thumb from the beginning to the end of the prostate to remove any possible stagnation of sperm or lymph.Structure of the penis
  3. Another effective way- Squeezing the penis in the palm of your hand. To do this, preheat your hands in warm water, apply an oil with mint or sage on it and place the organ in one of the two palms of the hand. Slightly squeeze your penis and keep your hands in this position for 5-10 seconds. Then repeat the action but increase the pressure and lengthen the processup to 10-15 minutes. . . Take this massage for at least 15-20 minutes. You can also end up squeezing the penis in a waveform like you're pumping a ball or trying to strengthen the forearm muscles.

Repeat this massageseveral timeswithout loosening the ring from your fingers until you reach the end of the penis. Hold your breath each time. To consolidate the result, fingers can be kept closed around the penis until you put a condom on and begin sex.

In addition to self-massageworks wellcold and warm shower. . . The alternating action of hot and cold water on the body improves blood circulation, which also contributes to a good erection.

Alternating water with different temperatures in between10-20 seconds(depending on the fitness of the body) 5-7 minutes are enough. A contrast shower works best when you're done swimming and your skin is a little pink in color. Follow the proceduredaily ritualin the mornings and the evenings.

Day 5. Adoption of folk methods

Some peopleare suspicious of previous recipes. And in vain. Many natural teas have incredible effects on one-time or regular useman's health. . .

Teas according to the recipe of traditional healers, depending on the ingredients, strengthen the immune system, strengthen the vascular walls,stimulates blood circulationand begin to produce elements necessary for the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Here are some decoctions based on natural ingredients that have been shown to be effective in increasing potency and getting rid of erectile dysfunction.

  • Herbal tea based on honey and ginseng- Take a pinch of dried ginseng root or its extract, mix it with 2 teaspoons. Honey and pour a glass of warm water (not boiling water). Let it steep for 10-15 minutes. This composition improves blood circulation, strengthens the body, increases immunity and stimulates testosterone production;
  • Thyme infusion- Pour in 1 tbsp. l. Let thyme infuse 0. 5 liters of hot water and half an hour. Then the resulting composition can be diluted with warm water and drunk instead of tea. Thyme has been used to treat erectile dysfunction since ancient times as it strengthens the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • "Tea" for potency- Mix 0. 2-0. 3 liters of red wine with 0. 3 liters of carrot juice, add honey, finely chopped ginger root and nuts to taste. Each component is intended to disperse the blood, contains many useful vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and trace elements. All of this improves potency and increases libido. You can drink such a composition no more than 3-4 times a week. You shouldn't overdo it with red wine either; large amounts of alcohol reduce the transmission of signals to the brain and increase stress.
Tea to increase potency

Day 6. Exercises for the pelvic and abdominal organs

According to the male bodyused to daily walksand other useful products for maintaining a stable erection, you can joinadditional physical activity. . .

Now be sure to followPelvic exerciseswhich stimulates additional blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthens the muscles. You also need to train the pressure and muscle fibers in the abdomen as these also have a direct impact on potency.Strong abdominal muscles 4-5 times strengthen the shoulder strap in men.

Exercises for the pelvic organs:

  • Soldier steps- Stand still, try to repeat the soldier's march, lifting your knees almost to your stomach;
  • bicycle- Lie on your back, put your hands on your belt and bend your knees. Start imitating cycling and turning invisible pedals;
  • Squats- This is a standard exercise that requires you to sit fully down and slowly return to a standing position;
  • run in place- Stand anywhere in the room and try to imitate a slow run;
  • Lunges- Put your hands on your belt, throw your left leg forward and stand it at a 90-degree angle. Make sure that the knee does not protrude beyond the toe when you bend. Walk forward 8-10 steps like this, then start the same exercise but with your right leg. This stretches the muscles of the perineum, strengthens the back of the thigh and buttocks.
Squats to improve potency

Exercises for the abdominal muscles:

  • Lie on your back, Bend knees at a 45-degree angle, straightenHands along the body and rest firmlythem on the floor, then slowly raise the pelvis. Keep your back straight and tighten your abs, back and buttocks. Simply in the pose for at least 15 seconds, then increase the time by another 5-10 seconds with each new approach;
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees at a 45-degree angle, lay downPut your hands behind your head and turn a littlein the upper third of the back. Now slowly lift the body a little to feel the tension in the pressure area, lock this position for 5-10 seconds and slowly lower the body. Try not to lower your back completely to the floor in order to tone your abs. Do at least 20-30 exercises in one set.
strong pressure increases the potency

Day 7. Dealing with stress

A week has passed so you can start practicing spiritual practices and stress reduction techniques. Emotional stress and constant anxiety are one of the main reasons for decreased libido, decreased potency and sluggish erections.

In 50% of the casesErectile dysfunction is a result of psychological agony as well as an unstable psyche. It is difficult for men to identify such a problem and seek advice from a professional.

In such a situation, you can relieve stress levels and restore mental balance yourself. And since bed problems also reduce self-esteem, a man runs the risk of falling into a vicious circle.

Voltage = >bad power = >Self-doubt = >Double voltage = >complete erectile dysfunction.

9 popular ways to reduce stress:

  • yoga- This practice aims to ensure that the person finds harmony with himself through meditation and physical activity. Even simple asanas can help achieve nirvana, teach patience, and reduce emotional and physical stress;
  • BoxingA great way to dispel aggression is by punching a punching bag or having a friendly fight with a coach or other boxing club member. This all-male sport allows you to get rid of the irritability and fatigue that have accumulated during the day;
  • Long distance running- Slow running for a distance of 5-8 km is a monotonous action that relieves the brain and allows you to get rid of anger. In addition, running speeds up the blood and strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • Freestyle wrestling- works in a similar way to boxing and helps reduce stress;
  • Abdominal breathing technique- slow and deep breathing saturates the blood with oxygen, and also calms;
  • Laugh- Watch various humorous programs, movies, cut funny videos and on social networks. Laughter works the abdominal muscles, promotes the release of endorphins and improves mood;
  • dream- A normal 8 hour break normalizes hormone production and allows the body to function properly. Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep increase stress;
  • read- Scientists have proven that reading for at least 15 minutes allows you to escape your own problems and "takes away" the brain from sad thoughts. When reading, we are completely immersed in another world, forgetting about life's difficulties and thereby disappearing;
  • Walks outdoors- such an activity allows you to reach nirvana, withdraw from the vain world and find harmony with yourself. You can go for a walk alone, with your dog, friends or your significant other. Socializing with loved ones also reduces stress and allows you to relax.
Boxing to improve potency

Day 8. Vacuum action

Those who found the Soviet era will surely remembermedical banks. . . They have been used to increase blood flow to specific areas and help fight various diseases. DifferentVacuum devices for the penis.

These devices look like a capsule thattighten the penis, sucks in and generates the necessary pressure inside. With the help of gradually pumping air from the bottle-shaped device, the body will regain an erection for a while and you can begin sex.

Vacuum pump to increase potency

And if you regularly use the vacuum effect as a physiotherapeutic procedure, then this is possibleRestore potency fasterand saturate the pelvic organs with useful substances. Increased blood flow in this area enables vitamins, micro and macro elements to reach their destination more quickly.

How do vacuum erection devices work? You createnegative pressure for male dignityso that the blood flows more actively to the penis. The longer this exposure, the bigger and harder the penis becomes.

Day 9. We train the pubic and coccyx muscles

The pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle)- This is precisely the muscle fiber plexus that is directly responsible for the functioning of the penis and allows you to keep the flow of fluid while urinating. When a person has PC muscular dystrophy, it provokes urinary incontinence, impairs childbirth, and lowers the quality of sex life.

No wonder they name it"Muscle" of loveand since ancient times the Taoists have trained them using various techniques. During an erection, it is the pubic muscle that allows the penis to remain steady and stable.

A number of exercises have been preserved to this day that are targetedto strengthen the PC muscle. . . The best known is the practice of an American gynecologistArnold Kegel. . . It was he who patented a series of exercises to strengthen the perineum in 1952.

The advantage of the complex is that you can do iteverywhere and everytimeand no one around you will notice your workouts!

Training the pelvic floor muscles to improve potency

What do we have to do:

  • When urinating, try to hold the stream for a whileby fixing the pubic-coccyx muscle and remembering its position on the body;
  • Now that you know where the pc muscle is and how it is tensing, you can start exercising. Somewheretry to squeeze and loosen the musclewith different intensity. Hold the tension for short and long periods of time to develop the elasticity of the fibers and harden them from the active blood flow. Repeat the action an unlimited number of times during the day. The more the better;
  • just try to put weight on the crotchand don't use your abs, legs, or buttocks. Try to perform isolated actions aimed at exclusively stimulating the pubococcygeal muscle;
  • Do not hold your breath while exercisingOtherwise, the blood will not be saturated with enough oxygen. This often leads to dizziness and also leads to a lack of oxygen in the tissues.

Day 10. Increase blood flow to the penis during sex

It will also be useful for men with weak erections to learnList of sex positionsin which no blood flows from the groin. This will hold the straps in place and will perform well in bed.

Therefore men with low potencyPoses are contraindicatedwhen a woman is lying on top or on the side. Gravity encourages downward blood outflow, which decreases the intensity of the erection and makes the penis flaccid.

Here are the best poses to increase potency and get a strong boner:

  • Doggy style or knee-elbow pose- This is the classic position in which the girl supports her knees and elbows on the mattress or the floor. In this position, blood flows from the base to the head over the penis;
  • half sitting- a modified version of doggy style, in which the man spreads his hips wide and the partner sits directly on the penis in between. You will find it easy to move in this position and at the same time an erection will be well maintained;
  • Legs behind the head- In this position, the woman lies on her back, the man sits down between the partner's legs and puts her legs on his shoulders;
  • Missionary position- Standard sex position in which the girl lies on her back and the partner is secured between her thighs and creates friction.
Knee-elbow posture improves blood flow to the penis

They got used to the method, tested it on thousands of men, roughlyhow to improve and restore potency in 10 days. . .

ifregularlyFollow the recommendations listed, then you can get rid of erectile dysfunction and return the joy of life without drugs from the pharmacy and operations!