Causes of weak potency in men

a man is upset about bad potency

What determines male potency:

  • First, about your temperament: no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape your genetic makeup. If you are sexually "calm" by nature, you will not be able to radically change the pace of your sex life without the use of various types of potency stimulants.
  • Second, self-confidence and life experiences that support this trust are of great importance for male sexual strength. Fortunately, every person can work on their character to change for the better, it all depends only on you.
  • thirdly, forms the normal functioning of the whole organism, d. H. the harmoniously working heart, the nervous system, various vessels and endocrine glands, the necessary basis for normal potency. Because if something hurts you, a rash or an untrained heart cannot withstand the stress, then you have no time for sex!
  • Fourth, some psychological reasons can have a depressing effect on your potency. A bad first sexual experience that hurts your pride or low self-esteem due to failures in life isn't that uncommon for impotence. Sometimes the psychological reasons are so deep that you can't figure them out without talking to a psychotherapist.
  • fifth, male potency depends directly on the woman. Of course, have you noticed that women affect you sexually in different ways? One causes acute sexual desire and the other is nothing but boredom. In addition, your sexual tastes can be very different from those of other men. To each his own, as they say.

The most common causes of potency problems

Not so long ago, doctors believed that the cause of poor potency in men in 80% of cases is psychological problems, for example, stress (sometimes chronic). The fact is that medical science of the time did not know such factors that affect potency, such as hormonal problems, vascular diseases, etc. , so everything was attributed to fatigue and stress. Patients were advised to rest more and not to be nervous, but to go on vacation to change the scenery or to calm down. As you can imagine, this treatment didn't always help.

Everything has changed as science has developed, and the psychological causes of impotence now make up only one-tenth of erectile dysfunction cases. On the other hand, the help of psychotherapy should not be underestimated and its use often helps the patient to "get back on their feet" faster during the treatment.

Diseases that affect potency the most

Cardiovascular diseases are absolutely leading here. And this is not surprising when you consider that the erection process is directly related to and depends on the normal functioning of the circulatory system and vascular health. So if your heart is not working well or blood vessels are clogged, we cannot speak of an erection!

Second on the list are hormonal imbalances, including diabetes. Studies have shown that a small decrease in blood sugar level leads to a significant increase in erection strength and thus the quality of sex life.

The third disease that is often the cause of poor potency in men is obesity. The quality of life of a modern person grows, we eat delicious and a lot, but we move a little. As a result, we become fat, the load on the heart grows and the blood vessels become overgrown with fat, the potency drops, and now the sausage in the dough is more interesting to us than the curvy beauty in the side office. At this point you decide for yourself what is more interesting for you: fitness, elastic muscles and self-confidence with all the associated life bonuses or fragrant bacon and beer belly (more).

Finally, we can mention hypertension, as well as some antihypertensive drugs.

Career-related reasons for poor potency in men

Our successes or failures at work somehow affect potency. It seems all is clear: the better things are at work, the more fun the sex life is! In fact, not everything is that simple. The tension and excitement accompanying the work process naturally has a negative effect on potency. And the more trouble our work gives us, the less sex the bed brings us.

An interesting fact: people who are not very intelligent professions, such as janitors and plumbers, have above-average potency. And one more fact: the bigger the city, the lower the sexual power of the city dwellers.

These facts are quite simple: to blame is omnipresent progress. Due to the rapid development of civilization, the amount of information that a person processes on a daily basis is also growing rapidly, including a large number of social contacts every day. At the end of the working day, a modern person is so exhausted from communicating with other people that he comes home so emotionally and physically exhausted and has no more strength for sexual exploits.

Why is the potency problem so urgent

Science says the average man thinks about sex every three minutes. And imagine: During the day he thinks of women every three minutes, and if his dream comes true, erectile dysfunction causes a "stab in the back". He wants to have sex for an hour, and "thanks" to premature ejaculation, intercourse fits in a minute and a half. How can one not despair with such surprises? . . And finally, symptoms only get worse with age!

The structure of modern society constantly keeps a person in suspense, forcing him to be in a hurry and excitement forever. Can you imagine a person without a cell phone today? Nowadays people often work, even at rest, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Think: Once we went out into the street, we just went, went where we wanted, the boss couldn't immerse us in work by ringing the doorbell in the café. We have become easily accessible socially, but have lost the freedom of solitude and the peace that comes with it. We have to keep doing something to make money, spinning like a squirrel, and the end of this race is nowhere in sight.

How family life affects a man's potency

Married men maintain their sexual potency about 10 years longer than single men. Regular quality sex extends a man's "sexual age" significantly.

Is it true that cell phones inhibit potency?

So far, studies only show that high-frequency radiation from cell phones reduces the number of sperm cells in semen. This applies to those men who carry a cell phone on their belt or in their pocket. Cases of serious influence of telephones on potency are not yet known. Still, nobody bothers you to be reinsured.

How alcohol affects a person's sexual performance

A small amount of alcohol, even if consumed daily, as is common in some countries, is more beneficial than harmful. However, there are some guidelines for alcohol regarding its effects on male potency.

Beer contains substances that can become addicting over time. Beer also contains nutrients that increase appetite. A beer belly is usually the result of the chips, nuts, fish, and crackers that you eat with your beer. As we already know, obesity is one of the reasons guaranteed to reduce sex drive and ability. The best alcoholic drink before sex is half a glass of champagne or dry wine.

What food increases potency

In the past, healers advised increasing male strength to eat all foods that resemble a penis and / or have a red color: carrots, meat, bananas, asparagus. Modern doctors say differently: they advise low-calorie foods that contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals - seafood, vegetables, fruits and so on. A light fruit and vegetable salad is served before intercourse, but you shouldn't fill your stomach with meat.