How to quickly increase potency naturally at home?

Many people associate the word "impotence" with the loss of male strength and physical weakness. While some try to deal with stress in silence, others look for possible solutions to such an intimate problem. There are many proven ways to quickly increase potency at home. We will talk about this in our article.

The magical power of the products

The girl feeds her husband with products to increase potency

People have always tried to use all possible means to improve libido and increase sexual pleasure. Sometimes, in order to fully enjoy intercourse, you need to restore mental balance, relieve stress, and protect yourself from heavy physical exertion. You can also create lust and increase your sex drive by eating certain foods. The people of ancient Greece even came up with a unique name for them - aphrodisiacs.

The question of how to increase potency in men using folk remedies was solved in its own way in each country:

  • King Henry IV of France drank a glass of cognac with egg yolk every morning to strengthen male strength.
  • Early Italians ate chili peppers, caviar, and oysters.
  • But the Indian Kamasutra says that you can gain energy by eating a cup of rice.

In our regions, the recipes for the use of aphrodisiacs had a slightly different character and were more comparable to the usual dishes. It is worth noting that such advice is still in demand and, of course, it bears fruit. Try some of them:

  • Common garlic has proven itself remarkably well. It reduces sexual exhaustion and increases libido naturally and safely. Just eat two to three cloves of garlic a day.
  • White onions also aid reproductive functions, while raw carrots and honey restore stamina. Consume these three ingredients every day for a month.
  • Traditional healers believe that asparagus also has a beneficial effect on male dignity and prevents premature ejaculation. Boil the asparagus roots in milk and drink this mixture twice a day.
  • Mix equal amounts of dried dates and nuts and consume them daily to improve sexual energy and stamina.

Modern scientists have actually discovered a connection between what we eat and our feelings. The menu of a sexually active person should include foods that contain vitamins E, A and B, as well as trace elements necessary for the body: proteins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium.

All of these substances are easy to find in food, such as:

  • Nuts: pistachios, sesame seeds, peanuts, walnuts.
  • Fruits: lemon, oranges, pomegranates, figs, bananas, coconuts, mangoes.
  • Vegetables: garlic and all kinds of onions, beets, asparagus, celery, tomatoes.
  • Spices and herbs: St. John's wort, anise, purslane and cumin, mint, parsley, red pepper.
  • Dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, sour cream.
  • Seafood: caviar, fish, clams, shrimp, oysters.

It is better to exclude from the diet excessively fatty foods and limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Healing testicular massage

A man performs a testicular massage to increase potency

If you need to quickly increase potency at home, then use a proven method such as testicular massage of the testicles. This ensures the necessary blood flow and thus increases your sex drive.

A regular massage is best done in a warm, comfortable place where you can devote 10 minutes of free time without the distraction. You can do this alone while sitting and lying down or ask your partner for the service:

  1. Start by warming the penis and testicles. To do this, you can take a warm bath, take a relaxing shower or simply fasten a towel in the crotch.
  2. Apply some jojoba or almond oil to your hands and start massaging the area between your anus and the base of your penis.
  3. With both hands, move up to the scrotum and testicles, then pay attention to the base of the penis. Pay particular attention to the muscles in your pelvis.
  4. Grasp the skin of your scrotum and gently stretch it in different directions while rubbing your testicles with your fingertips.
  5. Using your left thumb and forefinger, make a circle around the base of your left testicle. Repeat the same action on the right side. Gently pull the skin down and use your fingers to move the testicles towards the penis.
  6. Then, starting at the top of the penis, gently massage the hip muscles and gently lower them closer to the scrotum and testicles. Finish the massage at the base of the penis and perineum.

At the end of the procedure, wipe the dam with a damp cloth to remove any oil residue.

5 easy ways to increase male fertility

A man who has become a father has fewer problems with potency.

Proper nutrition, moderate physical activity and a good mood are the undisputed companions of a stable libido. However, such methods may not always be sufficient for an active sexual position.

How can there be other natural ways to increase potency in men? We offer you 5 options:

  1. Wear boxer shorts. Recent studies have shown that men who wear tight panties are more likely to experience infertility and testosterone deficiency.
  2. Consider becoming a father. Scientists believe that a man who wants large offspring can maintain stable ejaculation well into old age.
  3. Acupressure is the art of influencing the active points of people who came to us from China. Try to press symmetrical points on your back that are 3-5 fingers from the beginning of the spine. The massage should be done lying down.
  4. To increase male potency, it is recommended to take a steam bath in a sauna with a birch broom every 3-4 days.
  5. Yoga and meditation allow you to clear your thoughts from anxiety and stress. In addition, proper breathing is also important for strong sexual potency.

However, if you follow all of the above recommendations, you shouldn't expect magic this minute. The natural process of restoring potency is a long term business. And if you need an immediate result, it is better to consult a doctor with such questions.