Good nutrition for potency

Since ancient times, the male half of humanity has tried different ways to increase erection. And the diet for potency is the foundation of the basics.

In fact, to date, many erectile function stimulants have been discovered that are both pharmacological and natural in origin.

The diet was not ignored either. Diets that contain certain foods can have pronounced aphrodisiac effects in men.

Woman and man who have increased potency with products

So-called aphrodisiacs can be found everywhere in products that are easy to find in stores. Thanks to special nutrition, you can improve the quality of your intimate life, increase your sex drive and improve erectile function.

Consider foods that affect sexual activity and consider the form in which they should be consumed.

Diet to increase potency

Which food has the strongest effect on intimate stimulation?

The stimulating effects of raw eggs and nuts were discovered in medieval Europe and among the tribes of North America. Men who added these foods to their diet on a regular basis reported improvements in their general wellbeing.

In the eastern countries the food was more specific. Local healers recommended consuming snake blood, rhinoceros horn, and beef testicles with food to increase male potency.

Modern research has found that the quality of an erection is mainly influenced by foods containing vitamins A, E and group B. Vitamins are coenzymes that are necessary for various biochemical reactions.

For example, group B is responsible for the speed of the transmission of nerve impulses, which is extremely necessary to improve the sensitivity of the receptors on the head of the penis.

It is also necessary to mention the dangers of high calorie foods.

Foods with high levels of fat can trigger a wide variety of diseases that lead to impotence. For example, the most common organic pathology that reduces erectile function is vascular atherosclerosis.

With frequent use of animal fats (butter, lard), there is an imbalance of lipids in the blood, which threatens the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

"In order to maintain the quality of potency, it is recommended to avoid high-calorie foods" - advice from doctors-andrologists.

Products that improve potency

To increase sexual stamina, it is recommended to give preference to herbal products, especially nuts.

Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts - contain useful trace elements that have a positive effect on potency.

Nuts to increase potency

Nuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are able to normalize the lipid balance and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Atherosclerosis is a pathology due to which the lumen of arterial vessels narrows. With the generalized form of this disease, blood flow to the pelvic organs decreases, which leads to a dysfunction of the reproductive system.

It is imperative that the diet for potency be varied and include a number of substances that in one way or another affect the level of sexual activity.

And here is a small overview list of the products that have the strongest effect in terms of improving potency.

Camel stomach

This product is high on our list, and that's not surprising because when consumed in food, the effects are almost similar to those of taking strong erectile stimulants.

A major disadvantage is, of course, the difficulty of buying a stomach easily; getting it is very problematic.

Middle Eastern men have consumed rennet for centuries. In addition to its stimulating effect, the camel's stomach can have a positive effect on the reproductive system. It is not uncommon for a nomadic Bedouin man to be able to father a child even in old age.

A positive effect on the reproductive system occurs only if the stomach is dried using a special method. According to the men who tried this dish, we can determine that the most convenient time to receive it is 30 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse.

To feel the positive effect on yourself, you need to eat no more than 3 g of dried camel stomach.

Influence of seafood on potency

Oysters are a well-known aphrodisiac. Today, oysters are no longer considered an exotic dish, but their availability still leaves a lot to be desired.

Oysters to increase potency

What is the reason for its beneficial effects? Oysters contain high concentrations of zinc and essential amino acids, which have a positive effect on the synthesis of the body's own testosterone.

The most important hormone in the male body is testosterone. It can not only restore full erectile function, but also contribute to an increase in libido.

The male hormone also increases libido. Dopamine, found in oysters, is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the brain. With its deficiency, nerve conduction deteriorates, lethargy and depression increase.

It has been experimentally established that the highest concentration of amino acids and zinc in the body of oysters occurs in the spring during the mating season. From this we can conclude: The best time to catch oysters is spring.

It is not recommended to abuse this product. Chemical analyzes showed that oysters contain a large amount of mercury. With constant use of oysters, there may be a deterioration in general well-being, a decrease in resilience, headaches and nausea.

In addition, seafood carries a lot of bacteria that cause serious bowel disease.

It should be noted that when eating oysters, many men develop an allergic reaction, which manifests itself in the form of:

  • Asthma attacks.
  • Quincke's edema.
  • Hives.

"In the case of individual intolerance, oysters are strictly contraindicated", - recommendations from allergologists.

What kind of fish should you eat to improve potency?

In addition to its positive effect on potency, flounder is a very tasty fish that is very popular with gourmets all over the world. In its biochemical composition, it is similar to the oyster, it also contains vitamins A, E, B and zinc, but the mercury content is minimal.

Flounder to increase potency

The flounder contains a large amount of protein, so it is very desirable to include this fish in the diet for men with heavy physical labor.

In order to preserve the micro-elements contained in the flounder, it is recommended to use it boiled or steamed. When roasting, protein compounds break down, which has a negative effect on the quality of the diet.

In addition to all the positive effects listed, flounder has another property that makes it suitable for everyday use - low calorie content.

If you remove fatty meat from your diet and replace it with boiled flounder, you can not only improve the quality of potency, but also lose a few extra pounds. Proper nutrition is key to improving sexual activity.

Mackerel. With its use, the testosterone level in the blood increases significantly. In addition, it has been found that regular consumption of cooked mackerel can increase reproductive functions in women.

Cooked mackerel helps cope with the manifestations of chronic inflammation in the prostate. In addition, there is an indirect improvement in sperm quality, an increase in sperm activity and survival, and this is necessary for men with difficulty conceiving.

What else needs to be added to the diet

Chocolate can stimulate the synthesis of endorphin, the happiness hormone, in the brain. Dark chocolate is best to cheer you up.

Vegetables are a lot of useful things: beets, tomatoes, pumpkin (especially seeds), celery, broccoli. The products listed contain substances that are useful for men's health.

Potency-stimulating fruits can be combined in a salad and seasoned with honey or sour cream. Bananas, strawberries, citrus fruits, pomegranates are useful.

Strawberries to increase potency

It is recommended to drink food with green tea. If you add a slice of lemon and chopped fresh ginger, then such a drink will turn into a healing potion for potency.

In order to get an erection in good shape, one shouldn't forget about meat. Adequate amounts of beef, rabbit meat, and chicken must be included in the diet. Pork should be limited.

To maximize the preservation of useful substances in products, it is best to bake them in the oven in their own juice. So that the food does not get boring, you can diversify it with different spices.

Some spices are very useful: turmeric, black pepper, ground ginger, basil, parsley. It is advisable to limit salt and sugar. It is better to drink hot drinks with honey.

Just do not dissolve in hot water, but with a "bite". Honey is a very useful product for potency. In addition, it has an immune-stimulating and antiseptic effect.

Diet should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of each man, depending on the way he works, as well as knowing the substances that are missing. Proper nutrition not only increases potency, but also puts the whole body in order.