How to quickly increase potency: effective methods and recommendations

Oysters to increase potency

According to statistics, every third man at a certain age has a problem such as a decrease in potency. This is due to bad habits, a bad lifestyle and health problems in youth. Men solve this problem in different ways: some resort to expensive drugs recommended by specialists, while others, on the contrary, make decoctions and infusions of herbs that improve blood circulation and the process of hematopoiesis. In this article, we offer the top 10 remedies that will help increase potency quickly at home.

Method 1. Parsnip root

From the root vegetables of this plant, you can prepare a unique spice that men prefer to add to meat and fish dishes. For parsnips to work well, you need to eat them regularly. You can also take an infusion from the seeds of the plant. To do this, a spoon of raw material is poured into a thermos and poured into a glass of water. This drink should be infused for two hours. It is recommended to drink ½ glass before a meal.

Parsnip root to increase potency

Method 2. Lovage

This plant is added to food with a spoon twice a day. But it should be remembered that some folk remedies for potency, including lovage, cannot be used along with dairy products and dishes. It is also important not to dig up the root of the plant until November, as it is poisonous at other times of the year. However, if you've done everything right, lovage will become your most powerful aphrodisiac.

Method 3. A series of physical exercises

The erection, like the arousal, depends directly on the blood circulation. Because of this, it is necessary to do several exercises for those who do not know how to lift the penis quickly before intercourse.

Note: pay attention to the simplest and most straightforward loads. To complete the exercises, it is enough to spend 15-20 minutes, and it is not necessary to go to the gym at all. It is important to understand that a short workout should be aimed at improving blood flow to the pelvic area.

Exercises to increase potency

A series of exercises to increase potency quickly.

  1. Squat. 10-20 times before intercourse will be enough. Make sure that your knees are at a 90-degree angle; do not tilt your pelvis forwards or backwards.
  2. Raising and lowering the hips. To do this exercise, you need to lie on your back on a flat surface and bend your knees. Slowly raise and lower your pelvis (at least 10-20 times). Take a short break, then return to this exercise.
  3. Bicycle. Most men who want to learn how to quickly increase potency at home are unlikely to remember the exercise from their school days. However, it is the bike that gets the abs and inner thighs to work. To do this, it is important to take a comfortable position and imitate the necessary leg movements.

Method 4. Water method

As mentioned above, in order to quickly increase a man's potency, it is necessary to improve blood circulation in the thighs and abdomen. Therefore, water treatments before intercourse can help.

Japanese bath and water treatments to increase potency

The system looks like this:

  • First, take 30-60 minutes to practice the following methods to improve your erection and extend your sexual intercourse.
  • Second, take a hot bath and let it soak for 10-20 minutes. To get the effect, you can add a few drops of essential oils that act as an aphrodisiac.
  • Third, if you don't have a chance to take a hot bath, take a contrast shower. To do this, the body must first be doused with hot and then cold water for 10-15 minutes. It is advisable to change the temperature every minute. Try to shower fully, starting at your neck and ending with your heels. If necessary, you can extend the contrast shower time by directing the water jet on the inner thighs and stomach.
  • Fourth, you cannot cool down immediately after water treatments. Wrap yourself in a terrycloth blanket and then pour yourself hot herbal tea. Drink slowly, in small sips, to feel the heat spread evenly throughout your body.

Bath and sauna are also great options for those who don't know how to increase potency quickly. It is best if, after steaming, you have the option of diving into a cool pool or splashing around with water.

Essential oils that have an aphrodisiac effect

Here is another tip that will tell you how to increase male potency quickly. It is no secret that many ancient peoples used flowers, leaves, and plant roots for erections and for prolonging sexual intercourse. Then they began to extract essential oils through distillation or infusion. They can be put in a hot bath, used during massage (not neat), mixed with water for spraying, or poured into a special lamp diffuser. Here is a small list of essential oils that can increase potency quickly:

  1. Rose oil. The rose blossom has been worshiped and valued by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for centuries. Ladies (as we know from history) used rose oil to subdue their men. For example Cleopatra from Egypt or Josephine Beauharnais (Napoleon's wife). Rose oil is incredibly expensive, because almost 30 kilograms of petals are required for 100 g.
  2. Neroli oil. Neroli (or orange blossom) is sometimes called the orange flower and all thanks to the Italian princess Maria-Anne de la Treimul. Its aroma has an intoxicating aroma, which soothes the nervous system and generally relaxes it.
  3. Ylang-ylang. This essential oil is extracted from fragrant Kananga - a tall tropical tree. In Indonesia, ylang-ylang flowers are laid out on the wedding night to stimulate the groom's desire and potency.
  4. Patchouli. The essential oil of this plant has an earthy aroma with strong notes. Introduced in Europe in the 1800s.
  5. Sandalwood oil. It is often used for meditation and relaxation. Sandalwood essential oil is added to perfumes, candles, and incense.
Oils to increase potency

Method 5. Massage

Another working technique for those who do not know how to quickly increase potency in men. And for this it is not at all necessary to visit a spa center or hire a specialist, because you can perform the massage yourself or ask your wife / girlfriend for help. The algorithm is as follows.

  1. Take a shower or a hot bath. If there is no way, it doesn't matter.
  2. Take a small amount of massage oil and apply it to the inner thighs.
  3. Start with a simple stroke. Make circular motions, touching both the outer and inner thighs.
  4. Now you need to warm up the skin and increase the intensity of the movements.
  5. Massage your thighs very gently for 5-10 minutes. You can connect the entire pelvic area and touch the groin area. Another quick way to increase potency is to slowly and gently massage the penis to improve blood circulation.
  6. Do not put too much pressure on your thighs and groin, as these are the lymph nodes.

Method 6. Tips from around the world

The French King Henry IV drank a glass of cognac with egg yolk before intercourse so that he was always on top. And the ancient Celts preferred to make a similar cocktail, but with dark beer. Let's find out how to quickly increase potency before the act.

  • The French prefer to eat seafood regularly to maintain their potency. They love prawns, crabs, lampreys and salmon incredibly. It is known that eating an oyster helped the famous lady man Casanov to seduce even nuns.
  • Rich men abroad eat red or black caviar sandwiches with a glass of champagne. These meals can be a great snack for a romantic date.
  • In Europe, cider or light cider is a popular luxury food.
  • Baked potatoes have been popular with men since ancient times as a food that helps them extend sexual intercourse for several hours. In fact, the peel of the root vegetable contains a substance that desensitizes the skin and allows men to have sex for hours. Buckwheat, rich in protein, is also known to be another stimulant for male potency.
  • Sigmund Freud recommended mushrooms, rye bread, and pumpkin seeds for consumption.
  • However, the Spaniards know exactly how to increase potency quickly, like the Italians. These hot and passionate nationalities prefer to eat ham or bull meat: animal proteins can improve potency.
  • Koreans prefer unconventional methods. For example, they eat a dish made from poisonous snakes. At the same time, the Japanese eat mussels, the Egyptians garlic and the Chinese ginseng.

Method 7. Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy is an excellent method for men who want to increase their potency quickly before a date. To do this, the penis is placed in a special device that pumps out all the air. This leads to blood circulation and, as a result, an erection. Nowadays vacuum pumps are sold in every intimate department store.

Vacuum pump to increase potency

Method 8. Pharmacy products

If you are not a fan of folk methods, then drugs are an excellent way to increase potency. They are guaranteed to lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse and improve erection. However, they do have side effects.

pills to increase potency


It is important not to exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor. Do not neglect the instructions, otherwise drugs to increase erection will work in reverse. Overdosing can cause dizziness, nausea, fever and weakness. And this is not surprising, because these funds are drugs that have been manufactured under artificial conditions.

Method 9. Fruit salad

Of course, for this method to work, you need to consume fruit on a regular basis. Make a spicy salad from apricots, grapefruits, pineapples and bananas, season it with yogurt, add cinnamon or vanilla.

In addition to fruits, it is recommended to eat large amounts of berries. This is especially true for currants (black and red), Irgi, strawberries and raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, sweet cherries and cherries.

Berries to increase potency

Method 10. Other products

It's amazing, but a cup of freshly brewed coffee can help men who don't know how to increase their potency quickly. Folk remedies turn out to be very effective, but not everyone will be ready to regularly prepare herbal decoctions for themselves or spend several hours looking for seafood. So try to drink unsweetened coffee, not milk or cream. You can have a bite of a fragrant drink with a few pieces of dark chocolate.

Make a "green" cocktail by squeezing the juice from the stems and celery root and mixing it with an apple and other fruits and berries.

Don't be afraid to eat seafood, especially cod liver, sea bass, and shrimp. Oysters and clams work best.

Oysters to increase male potency

Add as much garlic as possible to dishes, do not forget to eat honey with nuts, use spices, get rid of addictions (alcohol, nicotine addiction), exercise regularly, go to baths and saunas, so that your potency always remainsis optimal at any age. . .