TOP 10 superfoods for male sexual health

Chili pepper increases testosterone levels in a man's body and improves potency

A man's "strength", no matter how strange it may seem, is directly related to a properly organized diet. The action of a number of vitamins and plant extracts has a positive effect on the mobility of the sperm, the "work" of male dignity.

Foods that increase male potency

Coffee is a source of strength

Studies have shown that consuming up to 7 cups of coffee a day is a guarantee of health for men. Even those who are overweight, have high blood pressure do not have any problems with the functioning of masculinity. However, this does not apply to diabetics. According to scientists, caffeine increases blood flow to the male organ.

Bananas for strong men

The potassium in bananas helps keep your heart healthy. The amount of potassium in the norm helps maintain optimal levels of sodium in the body, which prevents an increase in pressure. If bananas are not a favorite fruit, oranges and the peels of potatoes cooked in their peels can be a source of potassium.

Chilli sauce in the diet of tough guys

French scientists have found that the testosterone levels in heavy drinkers are so high that their wives can only be envied. It is noteworthy that in the experiments on animals that ate hot peppers, there was an increase in the genitals with a significant decrease in fat folds in the abdomen. So scientists have proven that a certain substance in chili peppers can increase testosterone.

Tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer

The potential risk of developing a malignant prostate tumor is reduced in men who consume 10 more servings of tomatoes during the week. Lycopene, found in tomatoes, is able to fight certain toxins that destroy DNA cells. The number of "normal" sperm cells also increases in those who consume vegetables from their own garden.

Watermelon improves erection

The berry is rich in amino acids that can significantly strengthen rectal function. By stimulating nitric oxide production in the body, blood flow in the penis increases and the erection only increases.

Ginger improves intimate life

Eating ginger in food has a positive effect on the vascular system. With the introduction of this product into the diet, a man will greatly improve his intimate life with his companion. One teaspoon of ginger per week is a source of complete heart health. In addition, the spice increases testosterone levels: the vital activity of the sperm increases.


Recent research in scientific laboratories has discovered the ability of the pomegranate to have a beneficial effect on male rectal dysfunction. It is pomegranate juice that promotes intense blood circulation. The experiments on the "smaller brothers" thus confirmed the property of the pomegranate to prolong the erection.

Green tea is a source of irresistible sexual desire

The catechins in green tea both eliminate belly fat as the liver converts it into a charge of energy and promote blood flow to the "lower" deck of a male ship. According to experts, the best effect is possible with a daily consumption of up to 4 cups of green tea.

Bitter chocolate

The presence of cocoa in chocolate is a stimulant for the growth of serotonin levels. It is this hormone that is responsible for an excellent mood: it suppresses stress, increases an irresistible desire, and accelerates the onset of pleasure.


This cereal is rich in amino acids, the task of which is to keep the human body in shape. Very often, experts use L-arginine to treat rectal dysfunction. Cholesterol is reduced by eating whole grain products. So, a high content of cholesterol plaques is an indicator of the occurrence of impending circulatory problems, which have a negative impact on intimate life and then have a very negative impact on human life.